Tuesday, April 9, 2013

On the road to FIT!!!

       I finished the 24 day cleanse and I feel AH-MAZING!!!!! And in the midst of it all I found a new part of myself that I have been searching forever for.........DRIVE!!!! I started working out with 3 girls at 5am baby.... 6 days a week and let me tell you we are KICKING ASS!! I finally believe that I will achieve what I have always wanted......a healthy, sexy body!!! Not a skinny one......one with muscle definition and strength!! ( damn thats a lot of exclamation points in those last few sentences......lol can you tell I'm a little excited?) I gave up the stupid scale and just started tracking my progress with inches lost and how my clothes feel. Some pictures from our hard core workouts.....

Lordy I need a tan :)
And my quote for the day!!!!

Last but not least my dear friend and work out buddy sent me this picture this weekend to show me how much my hard work is paying off! The picture on the left was last March 2012 and the one on the right was Saturday. THAT right there was proof that I am doing something right and makes me so excited for the future!!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Cleanse and my weekend

      Well today is day 6 of the cleanse and I have to tell you that I feel AHHHMAZING!!!!! Honestly it really hasn't been as hard as I thought that it would be and I really don't miss anything except for my occasional glass of wine......and by occasionally I mean nightly :) !! I have only weighed myself once on the cleanse and I am down about 4 lbs. W will not weigh and measure myself again until Saturday morning when the 10 days are done. I have been doing a lot of research on the day 11-24 and I think I will be ordering a few more products and following the lean in 13 plan which is kind of a continuance to the 10 day cleanse. After the way that it has made me feel and the energy and push that I have felt in the gym and running I think it would be very easy to become addicted to this feeling!! Some of my favorite recipes have been.....

Turkey Chili and Spinach

Spaghetti Squash with Shrimp and Broccoli
               Speaking of run, this weekend was the Lucky Run in Davis and I had signed up to run the 7k. I love this run.... easy course...everyone all dressed up in green and festive.......I even bought some St. Patricks Day socks to wear....... please disregard my non matching shoes........really need to invest in something more festive for next year :)

            Sunday I  was luck enough to get to throw a baby shower for one of my oldest and dearest friends from high school. She has a daughter who is 8 and she tried for years to get pregnant again and one day ......a few years after they had given up trying she found out she was expecting!!! SOOO EXCITING:) We decided to go with a country chic theme and I could not have been happier with how it all came together. I love and have always loved being crafty but with life and many kids I can never find time.....well I was so excited to finally have a reason!! Here are a few pictures from the shower...... 



       What was the favorite part of your weekend? Do you have a creative gene? What is your favorite healthy recipe?

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Back from a long break!!!

          The last year has been full of lots of changes.......I found an amazing man who has really become my best friend, I received a promotion at work and business has gotten extremely busy which has created many more hours a week of work but is GREAT for the company, and around the new year my other half and I decided to take the next step and move in together....with my 3 boys and his 4 kids...... a house full of 9!!!! Its been a transition but a fun one :)  A gym opened up next door to my office which has been a huge blessing on trying to stay on track with my fitness goals and that combined with an awesome coworker/workout partner it has helped me to not through out those excuses on not working out!! Have I been perfectly on track.....oh hell no, but now that the craziness and the life adjustments finally starting to settle I am ready to get back to achieving my goals and I have to tell you I am soooo excited!

          I have heard so much talk lately about Advocare......seems to be the new thing, even though its not new at all. A friend of mine tried it and so much success that she became a distributor and loves it. With my new goals in sight I decided to get on the band wagon and start the 10 day cleanse/ 24 day plan myself. Not to lose a bunch of weight and inches but to get my body in a good place. A fresh start. I don't want to be "skinny" I want to be fit. I want to have tone and muscles and arms that I can be proud of!!! THAT is my goal! I don't want to focus on the number on the scale or over analyze it all to death. I want to eat clean and provide the perfect fuel for my body and be as healthy as I can be. Does that mean that I will never drink again or splurge on a meal occasionally?? UMMM NO!! It does mean that I will live a normal life and treat myself time to time. This is a life change. Not a diet and I am so excited for this change!!

       So to keep myself accountable........I will weigh in once a week just to have a number documented but I will not over analyze that number. I will weight train, get back into running again and make sure that I incorporate a decent amount of cardio into my training. My other half is also big into fitness and I love that we will be able to have fitness as such a big part of our life's...for us and all of our kids. What a great example for them!!! Can't wait to share my journey with all of you!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Back in the groove!!

     Sorry I've been so quiet......Lots in life going on and I can't believe that the school year is almost over. My oldest son Zach is very involved in FFA and 4-H and he showed and auctioned his lamb last week and all of his hard work paid off! He did so well and had such a great time.

     I can't believe that next year I will have two boys in high school......and only one more year all three boys will there. So sad that they are all growing up so fast!! I want my little babies back :(

    As far as working out goes, I have been doing pretty good at staying on track though I feel like I have not been pushing myself like I want to. I met with a personal trainer a few times (gift from an awesome friend) who really got me started on the right track and really helped me to believe that I can truly get to where I want to be physically. After my bout with the stupid scale I was really questioning myself and if I could really get to a size 6 like I want, but after just a few meetings with the trainer I got my excitement back and finally got the confidence that I REALLY can do it!! I have learned how to really push my limits when I am at the gym and now I need to push myself in going more days a week at the gym and also figure out how to push myself on my runs. I am determined to PR at 2:30 on my half in July. ( I know that doesn't seem like very fast especially reading the blogs of some of these awesome runners ;) But for me that if fast! I am back on track and excited that I have 5 FOLLOWERS!! YIPPEE!! Hopefully I can have many more!!!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Almost 12 weeks till next Half Marathon

     So sitting here working....okay reading my favorite blogs, and I realized that Saturday will be 13 weeks until my next half marathon. Even though I have ran two half marathons in the past year and a half my time has not been the best. Yes I finished in less than 3 hours but I KNOW  that I can do better than that so this half I have made a goal to PR at 2:30. I know that the only way that I will be able to do it is to really be disciplined at training this time. In the past I have not been very good at the training part. Sucked actually. So I just looked up the Hal Higdon's 12 week half marathon training schedule, got it into my phone calender and starting Monday  ITS ON!!!

Moonlight Run 2011

If anyone is wondering what the training schedule is or is interested in training here is the link : ))

Monday, April 16, 2012

Frustrating day on the scale!!

        So if you recall, I started this challenge at the gym the day after Valentine's Day. My initial weigh in was at the gym after work ( which I hate weighing in at any time other than first thing in the morning with nothing on to get my lowest weight possible.......just like many of you I'm sure!!) and every Thursday for 10 weeks we are supposed to weigh in at the gym. Well since I work all day and again hate weighing in at night I made arrangements with the organizer to weigh in on my own scale and text her the picture every Thursday...yeah!!! Great plan!!

        For the first few weeks it was going good. I was weighing myself and some weeks the scale was going down a pound or two and once or twice I didn't lose and the scale stayed the same. I was happy with the progress that I was slowly making though!! Fast forward to about a week and a half ago...... I stepped on the scale after what wasn't a great week of staying on track expecting the scale to stay the same and it said that I had lost 5 pounds.....WHAT??!??! I was soooo excited!! Maybe it was my weeks of working hard finally catching up to me?? But then I started second guessing that maybe my scale wasn't right. But how could that be? It had started out right and slowly over the weeks my scale was going down. My clothes were looser so that had to be right. So all week long I was stepping on the scale and it was still going down. I was really starting to doubt that my scale was right. 8 years ago I had done Weight Watchers and had gotten down to 151 pounds and was wearing a size 8 and the scale was now saying that number again but just knew deep down that wasn't right. Plus even though I had gone from a size 12 to a 10 the last few weeks there was no way I was getting into my 8's. All week long was this mental argument of whether I was really that low on my weight and my body had just changed over the years or was the stupid scale wrong this whole time. So I waited till weigh in day ( last Thursday) and stepped on the scale and it said 147 lbs. I knew at that moment that it was wrong!! I decided to weigh with my gym clothes and then go to the gym and weigh on their scale just to see the difference and I was distraught to find that my scale was off by almost 20 lbs?!??! Are you kidding me???? I was so depressed all day!! All this time I thought that what I was doing was working and it wasn't. I should have worked harder...... I should have pushed myself more......I wasted all these weeks of the challenge and I have lost almost nothing on the scale!! I had my pity party and let my depression over the scale bring my day down. I vented to my boyfriend and workout partner about my discovery. Their responses??........." That is a bummer but YOU lost a pants size!! That is awesome!! Who cares what the scale says!! " You know what?.......They are right!!! The scale is just a number.

        How much do we base everything on that STUPID little number on the scale?? We let it control us, run our lives, decide on whether we are going to be in a good mood or depressed or down right ANGRY. What is our ultimate goal......... to be HEALTHY and active and of course as vain as it sounds.........look good physically!! Sooooo even though as tempted as I was to just say screw it to the challenge and not weigh in the last 2 weigh in's of the challenge I am going to finish what I started and then after that final weigh in I am not going to step on the scale for a little while. I am going to focus solely on how I feel and how my clothes fit. I am going to push myself more and more every day!!  After all.......That is the most important thing.....right??

Monday, April 9, 2012

Another race on the Calender!!

Yes Ladies and Gentleman...... Another race on the books and I am so excited for this one!! Who wouldn't have fun with so much COLOR!!! Sacramento Color Run!!!